Monday, January 19, 2009
With a history making Inauguration Day rapidly approaching, I've been trying to think of a way to acknowledge the importance of the event in a way that is appropriate to my overall theme of parenting. So, I thought I'd relay the following conversation I had with my 5-year old son, Jack.

Interestingly enough, before the inauguration was really on my radar, it was on Jack's. When I was in the States the other week, I was taking a rainy day trip out to do a little toy shopping. The car was blissfully, almost strangely quiet (especially considering the destination), the rain was tap-tapping on the windows and we were all lost in our thoughts...even Emma who is not a quiet soul.

Suddenly, out of the silence Jack announces, "Mommy, some people have yellow skin."

Surprised at the abrupt, unusual direction of the conversation, I humored him and hoped I wasn't ruining a teaching moment, "Yes, like in Korea. We usually call that Asiatic. Like your friend, Scott."

Jack responded, "And I have white skin."

Me..."Well, yes, people call it white, but it is more cream colored. Not really white like it sounds."

Jack..."And some people have black skin."

Me..."Like your friend, Charles. But there's not really black skin, Jack. Really just different shades of brown. Black is not the best description really."

Jack..."Not like Charles, man...:

Me..."Which man?"

Jack..."Bar....Bar....Ob....You know, Mommy, the one who's going to be the new president."

Me...(with surprise)..."Oh, Barack Obama."

Jack..."Yes, that's what I said. Barack Obama. He's going to be president."

Me..."You're right, Jack. It is a very important day. Barack Obama becoming president helps break down a wall of sadness in our country and people are very happy. We are watching history and should be proud."

Jack...(with exasperation)..."I know, Mommy. That's what I said!"


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