Monday, September 28, 2009
As TftT passes it's landmark first year in operation, I decided to post a blog for one of my most ardent athletic supporters...Anna. She is my inspiration and a fellow parent (which is probably the only thing that really makes this post relevant for TftT). This may also be the last post since, in one solitary year, we seemed to have solved all the key parenting issues (and some of the non-key ones, too, dog-gone-it!)

Anyway, when I asked Anna for inspiration to lubricate a recent dry spell, she offered up some fodder that has taken shape below....

It's hard to be a male unicorn trying to poop, but not as hard as it is to be his wife:

On the way to school the other day the kids were shooting each other (and occasionally me) with the Nerf guns that my son got for his recent birthday. I was late for my PTA board meeting and still had to make sure that I was properly turned out for such an occasion. It was then that it stuck me (with about the same force as those pesky Nerf gun bullets) that being a woman is really a man's job.

Not only was I recovering from my recent encounter with the Swine Flu, spelling tests (this week it's "an" words. Yippie!), vomiting 3-year old, counting to 100 projects, facilitating an activity filled morning with 20 first graders, and preparing an absolutely gripping PTA newsletter, but I also had to think about writing responsible advice and general information for parents for my new job, research whether my Nerf gun toting children qualify for NRA membership, and get a balanced, healthy meal on the table (or floor) up to 3 times per day. All that before I can even really think about showering (and drying), cleaning up unicorn poop, and, of course, all the unicorn's toys.

After taking a quick look at my watch (which I couldn't read due to the thin layer of some dried out substance that may have been yogurt), I decided that I just needed to man up and realize that the only person who could really do my job well is a man. After all, the only way to really approach this day is to eliminate things methodically and linearly from from my cerebral list without asking for any directions.


Anna said...

Love it! All except the 'last post' part. You were totally kidding, right? RIGHT?

Heehee, my verification word is 'emeted'; doesn't that mean vomited??

Wendy Hawksley said...

Despite the apparent fact that someone was rather offended by my observations and questions about the whole gun thing (sheesh, can't a person ASK questions and share thoughts? LOL), I do think this:

The NRA is a useful entity for teaching people gun safety and respect, and the proper use thereof. But I kinda want to wait until Gavin's middle school years...

But the Nerf guns are GREAT practice! Gavin can tag a rotating ceiling fan on all 5 blades!

Being a woman IS a man's job! Or is it that you simply have to have much larger cajones to do your job?

Considering all that a mom deals with throughout the day (a child's behavior, education, questioning what is best for the child, cooking, cleaning, and a million other things), I think being a woman is TOUGHER than being a man.

Thus, Anna's statement regarding the unicorn couple totally makes sense.


Helen said...

I have a really hard time agreeing that there's anything "good" about the NRA (well, and Nerf guns). But that's just me and my Limey upbringing. ;0)

Wendy Hawksley said...

I was being sarcastic, but I'm not sure it translated. LOL

Helen said...

Ah, well, now that makes quite a bit more sense.

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