Saturday, March 6, 2010
At first I thought I blew this one. Not a big surprise really when you consider my overall skill or lack thereof; then, upon reflection, I think I was just able to start an early lesson in feminist history. In the words of Monk, here's what happened...

I was rushing to get ready the other day when Emma came up to me and said, "When I grow-up, I'm going to be a fairy."

In a very atypical response, I said, "That would be fun, but you have to be born a fairy to be a fairy."

Emma burst into tears. I wanted to kick myself. Why would I disagree when I usually play along? Who knows?

Nice work, Mommy.

Then, as I always do when I devastate my children's dreams, I started thinking (read: "justifying") about my actions and I realized that it is important to know that everyone is different. Some people can fly around with disproportionately small wings, others can, well, not.

We can't all be fairies. Like it or not, there is a glass ceiling and it is never too soon to learn about how it works. At least half of the population will not break through this ceiling to become a real live fairy. And, if they do manage to break through, they will probably lose a lot of blood, get shoddy medical care, and die before their time. So really, I'm just saving my daughter from a fate worse than death and giving her a lesson in what it means to be a woman in this day and age. Go, me!


Anna said...

Wow, you're good. I was all proud of myself for not ranking on you when I first heard of your dream-destroying comment but secretly I thought to myself what a boob you were for that one. But now I see that not only have you convinced yourself that what you said was the only possible correct response, you've halfway convinced me. And, even if I'm not buying it, it's crystal clear that anything anyone says to the contrary will be soundly rejected. I bow down to you.

Helen said...

As well you should, young cricket.

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