Monday, September 8, 2008
How many seconds do you wait before you pursue a child who has gone out of sight? Answer: Depends on how many kids you have.

How long can a pacifier be on the ground before it cannot be placed back in a crying child's mouth? Answer: Depends on how good your hearing is.

When is it appropriate to stop a child from quietly drawing on the playground equipment with a crayon? Answer: Depends on if the crayon is washable and if someone is watching attentively (or scowling) to see how you will handle it.

How dirty can a child be before you have to put clean clothes on him/her? Answer: Depends on if you are going somewhere and what time of day it is.

All parenting questions are like this. How many times a day should a child eat? Pee? Poop? Sleep? Wash? Cry? Watch TV? The answer is simple....NO ONE KNOWS! Parenting is the biggest guessing game of life and there is no way to know if you are doing what's right or just what's right now.

So jump on board and have some fun. The parenting cup will always runneth over.


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