Monday, October 20, 2008
When I was pregnant with Emma I was not able to make it back to my hometown for a baby shower and because we move a lot I didn’t know too many people where I lived. A friend solved this problem for me with a really creative surprise baby shower that would work very well from Korea.

She sent an invitation to a surprise “Long Distance” baby shower to my friends and family asking them to send photos of themselves to her with their shower gift prior to the shower. Then, she hosted a small lunch with me and my few local friends and family and included the photos and gifts from my long distance guests. She took photos of me opening the gifts with their photos and sent them to me and the long distance participant.

I really thought this was a nice, meaningful way to help me connect with everyone who was so far away. In the military life, our families and friends are so spread out that we sometimes feel so disconnected from them at the most important times. So, keep this in mind if you have a pregnant military friend. Perhaps you can help make her day, too.


The Martin Family said...

That is so clever! I like it!

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