Thursday, October 9, 2008
I was talking to someone today about the stresses of manging motherhood, spousehood, and jobhood here with the crazy "OPS" tempo we've got. (Yes, I didn't even really have the term "OPS tempo" in my vocabulary until I came here. Also, true with "exercise", "NEO", "DEROS", "Wing", "Squadron" (limited use only), "ROKAF", "DO", "PACAF", "CONUS", "hop", "housing", "SOFA", "MPS", "MPF", "AAFES", "DECA", "DODS", "CDC", "PDE", and many, more.)

Anyway, I here's the questions of the day. Take a minute to write yourself a job description. This should be your ideal job description, not the actual one. What should your job as a stay-at-home mom include?

If it helps, you can write both the ideal and the actual just to identify the areas that are "falling short". Consider where your responsibilities fall as to motherhood, your spouse, household maintenance (laundry, cleaning, cooking, tidying, etc). Also, include what you would prefer to do with your rare spare time in the day compared with how you actually spend this time.

I'm thinking I need to do some rebalancing so I'm try to write my own and I'm hoping yours will help me. Think of this as your community service for today. :0)


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