Sunday, October 18, 2009
I know I complain a lot about laundry; but at least there's this:

There are, however, a few major problems with this picture.
  1. The person is alone. No kids bouncing around or pets interferring. (I know this person must have kids by the sheer quantity of towels present.)
  2. It is daytime. My laundry never gets to this point in daylight hours. Usually, I'm stuck with laundry after the rest of the day's work is done.
  3. The laundry is still warm. (At least, that's what I think. Why else would the person bother, really?)
  4. The laundry is still clean. There is no child peeing on it or drink being spilled on it or food crumbs being dropped on it.
  5. The person's bed is made. Who makes their bed anymore? I used to be such a good bed maker, but I'll save that for another day.
  6. The person's socks are clean which means he/she also magically has time in his/her day to clean the floors, too.
Overall though, I think this picture might be my new symbol of parenting bliss.


Anna said...

None of this laundry is torn or stained; what's up with that? Also, did you not read the germ book? That stuff is teeming with microbes and I don't need to cover myself in towels to get my daily germ quota.

TypeAmom said...

Funny, the only time I ever make our bed is when I have to fold 186 loads of laundry on it.

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