Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Things never to say to a mother at the grocery store with a child having a tantrum:
  • If the mother pretends to leave the scene of the crime in the hopes the child will stop screaming, do not stop the mother to tell her that she forgot her child.
  • If the mother is carrying a screaming child to the check out, do not stop her to ask the child "what's the matter?"
  • If the mother is in the check out line with the aforementioned child, do not do a "price check" on a toothbrush. The mother would gladly pay $5 for the toothbrush if she had to.
  • If the mother is escorting her screaming child to the car, the bagger helping her to her car should not ask her, "How is your day today?"


Wendy Hawksley said...

And ANY employee (especially Walmart greeters) should NEVER offer to deal with the child for you.

I don't mean someone suggesting you slap them.

I mean someone actually saying, "Oh, here, you need to do xyz."

The response to that is, "I know how to parent my own child, THANKS!"


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