Sunday, November 1, 2009
My son has suddenly started "spell speaking". Since he can't really spell yet it makes for some interesting comments. For example, he will spell a word and then ask me what the word is. So the conversation typically goes like this:

HIM: "Mommy, what does X-Y-O-N-A-N-F-H-W spell?"
ME: "Nothing."
HIM: "No! Tell me. What does it spell?"
ME: "Zee on anph hwa."
HIM: "Mommy, that's not a word."

The worst part is that my 3-year old tries to get in on the act as well. Same conversation. Different letters.

The other fun part is hearing the new colloquialisms re-tooled. Here are some of the more recent interpretations:

  • What the C?
  • I F-A-T you!
  • Oh, my G-O-B.
As you can see, it's time to clean up the household vernacular because one day soon, he's going to get it right.


Wendy Hawksley said...

Cute! Gavin does that to me as well - throws out random letters and asks me what they spell. He giggles at the nonsense words. Heh.

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