Sunday, December 6, 2009
Well, it has finally happened. "Mommy's baby, Daddy's maybe" has official proven herself genetically-related to her father. For years, I've been listening to my husband remake songs to suit his own agenda. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce them on TftT because they are wildly inappropriate. (For example, "Venus in Blue Jeans" by Jimmy Clanton and "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel are two with some of the most obvious potential, but I digress.)

My 3-year old daughter is a fan of the Nick Jr. show Wonder Pets and, also, a fan of lying in the clean laundry pile that usually is one of the key interior design features of my living room. Oh, and the bedroom.

These two hobbies collided yesterday when she appeared from the clean laundry pile with a pair of underpants draped over her head like a mask singing what I thought was the Wonder Pets theme song (gotta love You Tube).

When I listened a little closer, I realized the lyrics were slightly altered as follows:

On my face.

I nearly cried with joy and quickly canceled the order for the DNA test.


Anna said...

I want to hear the rest of the song. Also, you might want to rethink the dna test, because my husband does that too.

kat said...
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