Monday, December 14, 2009
Ah, I bet that word conjures up many a happy memory for most of my readers. And even if getting trashed didn't end up exactly like you planned one night, I bet it didn't end up like this (unless you are REALLY unlucky, that is):

Now this is not my first "messy house" post (see here, here, and here for some other examples) and it is unlikely to be my last (after all, it is fertile ground, you know); but you really have to appreciate the totality with which the distruction occurred in a mere 25 minutes.

How do I know you ask? I know because I finished tidying up and vaccuming, and then immediately ordered pizza. Then, I went in the kitchen to work on some Christmas cooking. Twenty-five minutes later (I checked my watch upon arrival) when the door bell rang for the delivery guy, I came out to this.

(Blogger is not showing this image the right way up, but sideways is nice, too.)

So, next time you get trashed, I really hope it is the good kind and not the bad kind. Overall, the moral of the story is to drink a lot more and it will all be all right.


Anna said...

Truly impressive, Jack and Emma. Nicely done.

mommycares said...
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