Sunday, April 25, 2010
Forget WD40. Here are some ways to use your favorite cooking spray for more than cooking. I prefer PAM original flavor because the smell of the olive oil one is too strong.

  • To remove rust
  • To get gum out of hair
  • To untangle knots in hair
  • To lubricate stuck parts on disused tools, such as wrenches
  • To treat the hinge on a squeaky door
  • To remove wax (crayon) from smooth surfaces
  • To unstick items stuck in locks (both keys and food products, such as gum)
  • To soften extremely dry patches of skin or to prevent chapping
  • To remove stickers from windows
  • To remove Bandaids from skin

Let me know if you know any other off-label uses.


Anna said...

Boy, I bet your house smells good.

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