Wednesday, November 19, 2008

After weeks of struggling with this project, I've finally committed to a working job description for mothering. Surprisingly it is very, very simple. Interestingly enough, taking this journey has also shed a tiny bit of light on my husband's commitment to his job which I generally respect, but, frankly, I have always found hard to understand.

I decided to limit my work to mothering only so my description does not include the significant part of my life dedicated my to marriage. I think caring for my spouse and caring for my kids may appear similar on the surface, but are in fact very different. (And I'm guessing that is a bone of contention is most marriages.)

So here goes:

To be a mother requires a commitment to equal parts nurturing, protecting, and defending the body and soul of my children with unconditional love at all times.

Body and soul encompasses:

  • Self-esteem and emotional health (including fostering independence,
    connectedness, confidence, and sensitivity)
  • Physical health (including nutrition, wellness, and hygiene)
  • Intellectual health and development (including fostering problems solving and creativity)
  • Social conscience and moral health
  • Social skill development
  • And probably many other components along the way.


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