Saturday, November 29, 2008
I was thinking that there is definitely a different level of appreciation in our house in regards to the kids. It isn't that we don't both appreciate or find joy in them, but my theory is that primary care givers get a greater variety in the quality of parent-child interaction. (E.g the primary care giver gets more of the crappy hours, therefore less of the joy.) Not only that but the "lesser around" primary care giver gets the ardent farewells and the joyous returns each day and the novelty of the time together.

The big problem is that this stinks! I don't like to be frustrated, loud, and grumpy about the kiddos. I don't want to complain or be negative about them. I love them limitlessly and don't want to feel any negativity around them. But all good things are hard earned, I guess.

Who appreciates the kids more in your house? Is this just my household or am I experiencing normal parental angst?


Anna said...

At my house it's all very fair. We split everything 50/50: I get to appreciate the nighttime wakings, the dirty diapers and the incessant whining. Lloyd gets the rocket ships, the horsie rides and the playground.

Amanda Evans said...

I find it funny that they'll act like total tyrants all day and as I'm about to pull my hair out when Brian walks in the door for dinner, they start being all good and cute again. Then he looks at me and asks me why I look so stressed since they appear to be perfect little angels. And, Helen, I also think I appreciate my kids more when I am away from them. I come back missing them, having forgotten they drive me crazy! Ha!

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