Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Today I made the mistake of thinking I could tackle the job of cleaning out my "All Purpose Bag" (APB). As soon as I started, I remembered why I don't do it more regularly. Usually, I wait until a sippy cup leaks or a half-eaten cereal bar falls apart at the bottom of the bag, but I had some time (not enough) and the motivation (too much) and I thought I could get the job done. In the end, all I was able to do before being so rudely interrupted by my parenting responsibilities was to pull out 5 items.

The items were:
  • A Clinique lipstick with Emma-sized finger dents all over it
  • A half-eaten cereal bar impaled on a small, wire bristled hair brush (We'll just call that one item.)
  • A dried out dandelion wad
  • Mud covered, crusty, boy-sized socks
  • A blue, Crayola crayon with teeth marks
Anyway, I thought it might be fun to have a little sharing time. So, grab your APB, close your eyes, and pull out the first 5 things you touch. Tell me what's inside.


Anna said...

Empty sandwich bag
Packet of ketchup
Handful of assorted cereal
Partial box of raisins

Osan Parent Network said...
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Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

No wonder your kids are always so hungry. You're hogging the food. Was the rock a chocolate rock by chance?

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