Saturday, April 25, 2009
In March, I posted about how to explain the common obstacles of military base living to your kids. Since then, a few more tips have come about and I want to make sure I share them with you so you can put them to good use.
  • "We're not allowed to take the strollers by the Patriot missles. We'll have to go around."
  • "No, the Giant Voice isn't God. It's just a recording."
  • "Which way is north? Well, you see those missiles over there. See where they are pointing? That's north."
  • "That guy down there? Which one the one with the gun or the one with the binoculars? Oh, he's just looking for someone....and him? He's just playing sniper today."
  • "Oh! Don't those explosions make it sound a bit like a bowling alley in here."
  • "I don't know why that guy is lying in the middle of the street. Perhaps he's looking for bugs."

Again, I hope this provides a useful service. If you have questions or need suggestions for handling your unique situation, please let me know.


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