Thursday, April 30, 2009
Most cases of fun on my children's part come about because of a serious case of dumbness on my part. Case in point, today I took Emma out to run some errands. (Around here that usually means a trip to the BX. For you "non-military" types think Wal-Mart, but with less stuff.)

While I was looking for shipping tape, Emma spotted some Dora bracelet party favors so I agreed (read: caved) and got them for her. As I put one on her wrist, I noticed that the bracelet had a locket-type decoration on it and it looked like it opened. After fiddling with it for a minute, I slid open the top and inside was a pink, greasy, strawberry (I think) smelling lip balm (read: substance).

Now you are probably thinking here that this is where I went wrong. That you would just not tell her about the lip balm because you can foresee all the things that might happen if she discovered it. Well, yeah, you are probably right, but this is where dumb took over and rapidly became fun.

I was trying to mail some books for PaperbackSwap. Mailing anything here requires a PhD in Postal Sciences because there are so many forms and mailing methods so I was in deep concentration when Emma starts "piping up" with some "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!"s. This is when it all fell apart. I opted to distract her by showing her the lip balm.

The good thing was that discovering the lip balm did keep her quiet while I answered all the questions and worked on my mailing project. The bad thing was after about a minute I realized that most of the people at the post office were pointing and laughing. When I looked around I saw why. Emma's face, hands, and arms were absolutely covered in pink lip balm. Not only had see smeared the lip balm on her mouth (not exactly on her lips even), but also over her eyes, cheeks, and hair. The air reaked of cheap, "Made in China" (and we all know what that means), lip balm substance.

So my options were to abandon the mailing project, cry, become overcome with embarrassment, or let it continue and pretend I didn't notice. Which one do you think I picked?


Anna said...

lip balm? What lip balm?

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