Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Here is a photo of my winner-victorious!-with her prize. Because Anna already scored some treats from China, I decided on a more appropriate prize, her very own "Parenting Bag of Tricks".

Contents included:

  • The Holy Grail of Parenting (offered only unto those certified as "Parenting Master" or, in some states, "certifiably insane")
  • De Vine Divine Inspiration: For Medicinal Use Only (lesser parents call this "wine")
  • Preventative Medicine (Trojenz!)
  • All-in-One All Purpose Parenting Tool (also used for swatting flies, hence..."all purpose")

Not Pictured:

  • Emergency distract-ables (modeling clay)
  • The All-Purpose Silencer (Salt & Vinegar Pringles)
  • Godiva chocolate bars (2)
  • Emergency Supply Kit (first aid for parents and children)

I think that's it. Thanks for playing along!


Anna said...

Thanks! I LOVE my prize!


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