Wednesday, May 13, 2009
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Anna said...

Parents, Excellent Advice:
Chaos: Enjoy!

The Martin Family said...

The recipe for peace:
*Sleeping children
*Hot, bubbly bath
*Cold Glass of wine
*No intrusions from other family members
*Good TV show on computer or
Good DVD to watch.....

Put all ingredients together and enjoy uninterrupted peace.

C Mike said...

So I'm at the Safeway and they've got hot deals on diapers and wipes, stuff I'm on the lookout for to stock up in advance of Anna's coming visit. 116 Pamper #5's at a good price and 216 Huggies "hypo-allergenic non-scented" pretty much fill up the mini-cart I'm using today, but there's still room for a marked down bottle of Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon; so I grab that too. At the check stand, Sandy one of the clerks who has a couple ankle biting rug rats of her own remarks as she rings up the wine that "it looks like you're getting that baby started early". "No", I say. "This is for some peace for the baby's mother." Sandy laughed and nodded. "Yes. Peace for the mother. I totally get it."

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