Sunday, May 10, 2009
Here is what I've encountered in the hour since I got up.
  • Wardrobe malfunction on diaper causing 2.5 year old daughter to spend the entire night basically peeing directly on her bed.
  • Notice that said 2.5 year old's eye swollen shut due to an apparent case of pinkeye
  • Go to make an appointment for said eye to find that my way-old-enough-to-know-better son has written his name in erasable crayon on our LCD TV. Turns out erasable is irrelevant when you write on a TV screen.
  • Try to make a reservation (appointment) at the best place in town (hospital), but the phone lines were down. Turns out in order to submit a work order to get the phone fixed to the technicians IN THE BUILDING, they have to call the US where it is still Sunday.
  • Finally get someone on a different number...they forward me to the appointments number which isn't working.
  • Umbrella (with whistle on the handle) being tossed around the living room wildly (and open) in celebration of rain. Injuries minimal, but not silent.
  • "That banana is dirty!" says 2 year old when handed a ripe (brownish) banana.
  • Didn't hear what time husband said he was going to be home. No idea if I need to cook dinner tonight.

I wonder what the next hour will bring.


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