Wednesday, May 13, 2009
This week I am running a vocabulary series called "Parenting Word of the Day". It is designed specifically to be both educational and cathartic.

Each day a new word will be displayed and each day you may submit an entry to win a prize (of my choosing) at the end of the 7 day series.

Your task is to write the most interesting comment/post/ story/poem/etc. relating to that word AND parenting. Your post must be uniquely yours. I will run plagiarizing "software" to determine the legitimacy of the entries. You can enter once per word to maximize your chance to win.

I will consult with my experts to determine a winner (or we'll have a vote...haven't decided yet). Points will be given for creativity, accurate use of the word, humor or drama, and, in a tie breaker, if I like you personally that will help, too.

Today's word is:

Good luck!
  1. To enter, submit your entry as a "comment" on each day's post.


Anna said...

I love this idea; how do I enter?

Anna said...

There once was a mom who heaved heavy sighs

Mommy! Mommy! Oh, the wails, the cries

She had enough one day,
Packed her bags and ran away

Haha, she laughed, that will teach you to antagonize!

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